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Jeffrey Kanode's First Book Available Now


The genesis journey of a young pastor-- from the waters of flood and baptism to the sharing of sacred goodbyes and Eucharist--finding the holiness of human life, and the heart to love, believe, and serve.

A Young Pastor, Kindle Edition


Join the young pastor on his very human journey to serve and seek Christ, to find love and community, and  to reach always, for the light.

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The Bookshelf of Eden Stories Press

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This Pastor


This Pastor soars to grand heights even as it journeys close to the soil of parish life, and gets dusty, sometimes muddy feet walking the dirt road human experience. This narrative returns to the places and people familiar to readers of Kanode’s first book, A Young Pastor, while exploring new places and deeper dimensions of Christian belief and the messiness of personhood. Using the gospel paradigm of life withering  into death blossoming  into resurrection, This Pastor tells a joyful, painful, despairing, hopeful story as this pastor, Jeffrey Kanode tells his story that is at once authentic and parabolic in sensibility; individual and universal in scope, with both conversational and poetic prose.

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This Pastor

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